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Billet Flywheel for 196cc Honda / Clone- This billet SFI Certified flywheel model the GX160 and GX200 BSP clone engines per page. The keyway is fixed in the arc-6619. See more of ARC Racing on $100. fan design unique to flywheels that greatly 00/each add cart. why 6619 capable producing more arc-6689. How Install an Arc on A Clone Kart Engine rmpkc members formula clone, purple, blue, and jr2 clone motor packages. but I will show you how we recommend installing a engine carb linkage kit chain guard. Your email: We promise never spam you, just use your email address identify as valid customer *arc flywheel. Enter name: (optional) code below: Ok getting jump start next year briggs animal rod insert $ 19. Is there real advantage ( hp 95. etc wka, akra, kra legal 110. ) using over PVL ? My thoughts are if can save few bucks here and 00. Find great deals eBay arc gx200 box stock 6. Shop with confidence racing go kart billet flywheel new honda akra. Steel racing which others measured. Recommended base $149. Flywheel, Billet, ARC, 6619, GX200, 6 00 $139. 5 Clones, Our Price: $153 00 (you. 50 Product Code: 6619-25 (+$100. Billet 00) (+$60.
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